5 Tips For A Great Early Morning Workout

5 Tips For A Great Early Morning Workout

I never used to be an early bird. Sleeping in used to be a priority in my life. If I had to be somewhere at 9, chances are I would wake up at 8:50, throw on some clothes and goin order to savor every last minute of sleep. Over the last few years (with some help from the everyday 6 AM college hockey workouts we had) that routine has drastically changed. Now, I wake up and get my workout done before my day even starts. There are  physical and mental gratifications to have your workout completed. It provides a platform to  jumpstart your day and get you off and running… literally. My blog this week can be found here www.builtlean.com/2012/08/28/early-morningworkouts

Let me know if you have any comments or questions. For more of my articles on this website checkout www.builtlean.com contributor page.

From South Bend,


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  1. Kevin: Great A.M. tips. I’ve always been an exercise first guy, and your nutrition and warm-ups have had a benefit. I read an article in the N.Y. Times in May about early A.M. Long Island surfers, year-round, who might talk themselves out of getting out of bed with excuses about the weather or lack of surf. They follow an Australian practice of meeting their friends regardless of excuses. The Aussies call it a “regardo”. We go no matter what, so no one stays in bed. Chas.

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